William Law

Software Developer
Machine Learning Student
Founder + Speaker

A quick intro ...

Hey 👋 I'm a 17-year-old student who has worked as a software developer for Seattle startups, like WORKPLACE21 and Collective Brains to change the future of work and collaboration.

Currently, I'm working on OpenMed, a data platform to streamline medical records and images, with the long-term vision of being able to create a universal health card and standardizing the way we store and collect medical records.

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Understanding LaserNet

This article provides a summary of the research paper published by Uber and how it improves autonomous driving.

Intro to Autonomous Vehicles

A general understanding of what self-driving cars are really about and the different components that's behind this magic.
Fog Computing

Vehicular Fog Computing

Exploring and understanding how fog computing and blockchain can help create smarter self-driving cars.

Elevate Highlights — The Truth Behind Corporate Culture

Reflecting my time at Elevate and the biggest takeaways that I've gained!

How do computers see so well?

Learn more about Computer Vision and Mask R-CNNs and how I used this network to detect objects while driving!

Understanding Deep Rigid Scene Flow

Understanding and summarizing Uber's ATG paper on predicting the 3D motion of objects.

Understanding Multi-Task Multi-Sensor Fusion for 3D Object Detection

Trying to understand one of Uber's research paper for self-driving cars and summarizing certain sections of the paper.

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